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My name is Jennifer. I was born in Manchester in 1992. My father was a professional pianist and organist, and I grew up in the world of classical and religious music.

Hardware Keyloggers – fastest way to guarantee a computer monitoring. Used for keystroke logging, a mechanism of capturing and recording computer users’ keystrokes, even sensitive passwords. Executed by means of a BIOS-level firmware, or via a device plugged online between a computer keyboard and a computer; logging keyboard activity to their internal memory.

Like a parent who wonders what their teenage son or daughter coming home late or not doing their homework, might be up to, an Employer has to worry about not a few but all the employees working for him. It may not always be late comings that disturb the work environment. There can be different levels of lagging behind on the employees’ part that can be damaging for the organization at large and it may not even be detected by the employer. With the turn of era and the scientific bull charging head on, monitoring employees should no more be a taboo if practised wisely. By one study’s estimate, 94 percent of organizations currently monitor workers in some way.

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